There are unrealistic beauty standards all around us, and these unrealistic standards are especially detrimental to children. And that, at its core, is why Silk Me Kids was created.

According to Black News, Silk Me Kids is a children-targeted salon based in New Orleans — and, they say, it’s the only one of its kind. They’ve just announced their ramped-up national campaigns to educate kids about natural hair and the different faces of Black beauty.

“Kids who use Silk Me Kids hair care products are able to bring out their hair’s best potential and it instills in them a sense of confidence from being able to embrace and celebrate who they are. In addition to creating products to allow kids to look and feel their best, we create platforms, like campaigns, performances, and music videos, to give kids the spotlight where they can celebrate their beauty,” said CEO Meme Kelly, in a statement to Black News.

Some of the things they offer to children to educate themselves about Black beauty — and natural hair — include nine eBooks and a hair care assessment. They address all types of hair and even offer a primer on different hair types and textures, and how to understand it.

Silk Me Kids also offers their own line of natural hair care products, which you can see below.


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