SheaMoisture is standing by its continuous program rollout in support of the Black community with its latest product collection and initiative.

The pioneering beauty giant has unveiled a newly-launched multi-platform commitment to Black men, which includes a three-pillar program in the form of a digital content series highlighting their multidimensionality, a national product collection launch, and a $1 million investment program meant to help support their goals.

SheaMoisture — which was initially founded with a mission to support and invest in Black women — is now extending its platform to cater to needs specific to Black men and how they’d like to be represented.

The brand recognizes that Black men’s complex narratives have yet to be told through their lens, so they decided to launch the #MyStoryMyPower digital docuseries to celebrate their diversity and fullness.


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“#MyStoryMyPower is about Black men taking ownership of their narratives. It’s about him stepping into his power, as complex as it may be,” SheaMoisture shared in an Instagram post. “We’ve asked 12 brothers to lead us through this exploration. Join us as they each share how they use their truth as a source of strength.”

The series features seven episodes highlighting honest conversations with twelve men from different backgrounds, as they explore themes like mental health, family, and being a Black man in America. The purpose of the digital series is to call attention to Black men’s nuanced experiences and empower them to reclaim their stories which reveal their multifaceted identities in this day and age.

In addition to launching its docuseries, SheaMoisture has also scaled its Community Commerce program to include a $1 million multi-year commitment to fund and invest in Black men.

These grants and investments will be awarded to select Black male entrepreneurs who are both disrupting the status quo and defying conventions ascribed to them while they support and create wealth in their own communities.

“SheaMoisture is proud to invest in and support Black men,” said SheaMoisture CEO Cara Sabin in a press statement. “Long committed to serving the women in our community, we are excited and humbled by the opportunity to now launch these initiatives. Understanding all too well the biases and challenges that confront our men, SheaMoisture is uniquely positioned to address and provide solutions specifically for them. With intention and purpose, we launch this effort and are hopeful for the impact we can have in our communities.”

According to the brand, it plans to rollout applications for men to apply for funding and entrepreneurial support in March, along with a list of names of organizations and partners that will be included as part of the brand’s announcement.

By combining its popular products with powerful storytelling and economic investment, SheaMoisture’s core pillars amplify its commitment to serving its community.

SheaMoisture’s new product collection is now available at local retailers including Target and Walmart.

To watch the #MyStoryMyPower series, visit the brand’s Instagram and YouTube accounts.