You can do a lot with $300,000, including “shoot hoops” with NBA legend Scottie Pippen and his son.

A Collaboration With Neiman Marcus

According to a press release, this opportunity will be made available through Neiman Marcus’ The Christmas Book, which features an array of Fantasy Gifts that will foster “unforgettable and inimitable moments.”

Hoop dreams: This could be unforgettable for basketball fans as the book offers the chance to hoop with Scottie Pippen and his son, Lakers guard Scotty Pippen Jr., as the “ultimate sports experience.”

What to expect: The exact pricing of the meet and greet package with the Pippens is priced at $333,333. Coughing up those dollars will permit the recipient to also invite a friend on the trip to Los Angeles to partake in a two-on-two scrimmage, have a private dinner with Pippen, a tasting of Pippen’s bourbon, Digits, and an autographed copy of Pippen’s book, Unguarded.

“Thanks to Neiman Marcus Concrete Runway and Talent Resources Sports, now it’s your turn and a friend’s turn to play against this dynamic father-and-son duo and learn a trick or two on the court,” the description reads.

Pushback from fans: Although the opportunity seems like it’s once in a lifetime for most basketball fans, some cannot seem to fathom the cost.

Proceeds WIll Support Chi Prep Academy

Charitable effort: Despite some pushback, the purchase may be made by an eager fan. That purchase will also help to support charitable efforts that will directly aid Chi Prep Academy, a non-profit private high school that introduces, “students to life skills and life-changing classes in preparation for college in a business setting,” according to the company’s website.

Pippen is expected to donate $278,000 to Chi Prep Academy.