Saweetie’s been on a tear lately. The “Tap In” rapper has been giving fans A-1 content from every angle. Her Instagram and TikTok is flooded with Birkin drip and funny videos, and her YouTube series “The Icy Life” is on season two, all while she prepares to release new music.

However, she shows no signs of missing a bag as she recently announced a new partnership with Jack Daniel’s.

According to The Source, Saweetie has collaborated with the whiskey brand for it’s “Flavors of Fall” campaign.  The joint venture will give the Icy Gang and Pretty Mob access to her single, “Back To The Streets,” through a live stream series, the article reports. In addition, the brand will promote Saweeties’s new signature cocktail, “Saweet & Sour.”

“Shout out to Jack Daniel’s, my favorite whiskey brand, for allowing me to share my single in a special way and for helping me make a delicious custom cocktail,” she said.

Even a casual witness to Saweetie’s rise can tell the USC grad is a master at branding. Thus, her launch of “Icy University“— a video series of virtual classes where Saweetie, a.k.a. Professor Icy, doles out step-by-step tips on how to start a business and generate eight-figures—is a brilliant addition to her 360-career.

In the first installment, viewers receive a list of required reading material and an Official Icy University Playlist via Spotify.

“The fact that I’m participating in such an uproar of women winning, it just feels great to be a part of that innovation of women in music,” Saweetie told The Source. “I feel like there’s no stopping us and there’s many more creative collaborations that are up next.”