Xbox continues its commitment to inclusive storytelling that supports Black gamers and culture creators like the “ICY GRL” herself, Saweetie!

On Feb. 4, the gaming company announced its partnership with artist and entrepreneur, Saweetie, for the first-ever “Xbox Saweetie Bowl” gaming competition just ahead of Super Bowl Sunday.

“Football is big in my family and this year’s festivities bring all of us together in support of a good cause,” said the “My Type” rapper.

Last weekend, Saweetie served as the evening host and commentator at Snoop Dogg’s Inglewood gaming compound. Alongside the ICY hostess was professional gamer XSET JOKE who served as the game’s official advisor and coach.

Photo Credit: Spazzz, courtesy of Team Saweetie.

Snoop Dogg battled against NFL player Julian Edelman for a West Coast vs. East Coast Battle in an EA Sports Madden NFL 21 tournament on Xbox.

Edelman may have walked away as the official 2021 Saweetie Bowl champion, but the real winners were the Snoop Youth Football League who received $10,000 thanks to donations to support diverse and historically under-resourced youth.

The “Xbox Saweetie Bowl” is only the first of many eSports tournaments and exciting collaborations to come from the “ICY GRL” and the gaming company!

Watch the star-studded match-up below: