SAINt JHN is back with another unique flavor for cannabis lovers.

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New Flavor Will Pack A Punch

As AfroTech previously told you, the Grammy award-winning artist team teamed up with Lost Farm By Kiva to release an exclusive cannabis line that sold out among consumers. Now, SAINt JHN has returned to Kiva Confections’ arena and has dropped a new limited edition collection, Blood Orange Lost Farm Live Resin Chews.

SAINt JHN influenced the product’s design and the potent flavors guaranteed to make a punch. Customers will experience “natural flavors of tart, berry-like blood orange flavors and chews are balanced with the earthiness of the Chem Dog strain,” according to information provided to AfroTech.

Statement From Kiva Brands Creative Director, Rebecca Nelson:

“SAINt JHN has been a passionate fan of Lost Farm gummies & chews since the brand’s launch, and thoughtfully contributed to the product & packaging development for the collaboration, so our community was eager to support this uniquely authentic offering. Together we’ve been able to build off SAINt’s natural affection for Lost Farm, organically showing just how much cannabis edibles & Lost Farm play a role in his art and music creation. Both the gummy and chews offer plant-based, fruit-flavored edibles bursting with hand-picked strains for an unparalleled full-spectrum experience that consumers know and love.”

What Will Be Distinct About The Launch

Unlike the first drop, the Blood Orange x Chem Dog Chews were created with a new format, venturing away from the previous gummy format. The process was far more complex. Yet, Kiva’s innovation, research, and development team successfully manufactured the chews without compromising the flavor of the strains.

“Our first collaboration was in a gummy format, which is the largest category within edibles and most familiar for consumers. The second collaboration will be in chews format, which are extremely complex to manufacture and therefore more unique. Kiva’s innovation and R&D teams figured out a way to not only make the chews but maintain the integrity of the full-spectrum, strain-specific live resin throughout the infusion process,” Nelson told AfroTech.

The line will only be available in select California dispensaries. Each gummy contains 10MG of THC for a total of 100 mg per container.