Bob Marley’s son Rohan Marley is continuing his father’s legacy in a way that the legend would most likely be proud of.

Nylon reports Rohan Marley will join former NFL star Mike James to become the owners of cannabis and CBD lifestyle brand Lion Order. The company will not only sell cannabis but will include additional offerings such as clothing and luxury accessories.

Rohan Marley took to Instagram on Feb. 22 to share the good news.

“Announcing our intentions on a day of historic alignment and synchronicity 2.22.22. LION ORDER is a community of visionaries that seeks to raise the voice of the spirit of a flower which we believe can guide humanity back towards homeostasis. We seek to collectively raise our consciousness. In turn, this will manifest a lifestyle greater than any brand,” Rohan Marley wrote on Instagram.

Lion Order

Lion Order will partner with Heavyweight Heads to create premiere strains. The cannabis line will be available in eighths of flower dispersed across three strains, Nylon reports. In addition, pre-rolls, Jamaican-style hash, live rosin, vapor pens, and a CBD/THC topical sports cream will be available for purchase. The official prices have not yet been disclosed.

“I partnered with Heavyweight Heads because they grow some of the most quality and best herb I’ve ever tasted. But most importantly, they share Lion Order’s vision of unity and they grow their herb with the respect it deserves on a Rastafari level,” Marley said, according to Nylon. “I am overjoyed to bring the Lion Order movement center stage to this industry and advocate for the plant in its rightful way like my father did before me.”

For those eager to tap into the cannabis line, it will drop on April 20 across 30 dispensaries in Michigan. For those unable to tap into the first drop, no worries as Rohan Marley will announce where products will be available next on the launch date.