La’Ron Hines is graduating from TikTok to Hollywood!

According to Variety, the host of our favorite pre-school digital series, La’Ron Hines, is making major star player moves with an upcoming show.

The show, which has yet to be titled, will be produced by New York-based production company, Leopard USA — which is backed by by the U.K’s Argonon group — and will star Hines alongside his mentor, Robin Thicke. 

“La’Ron is a special young talent with an amazing work ethic, who deserves the opportunity to reach a wider audience, and this partnership with Leopard USA offers the perfect platform,” said Thicke. “Anything is possible with La’Ron’s limitless potential and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes him.”

Hines, who has close to nine million followers on TikTok, first emerged on the scene through his popular skit, “Are You Smarter Than a Pre-Schooler.” He interviews some of the kids at his parents’ daycare like JaBria and Lauri (everyone’s favorite besties), who have taken social media by storm with cute dances and witty comments.


are you smarter than a preschooler? pt 112

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He got his first taste of Hollywood during this year’s Golden Globes when Hines was invited by hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to perform the popular skit. Now, a new series will highlight his journey to superstardom.

The 19-year-old Mississippi-native will not only share his journey to becoming a superstar, but will also serve as an executive producer alongside Robin Thicke and Leopard USA chief creative officer Lindsay Schwartz.

“We are super excited to go behind the scenes and chart the journey of La’Ron under the mentorship of global superstar Robin Thicke,” said Schwartz. “We’ve seen this type of mentorship play out in competitions, but we’ve never seen it happen real-time in the real world.”

There have been no set details as to where the new program starring La’Ron Hines alongside Robin Thicke will live, but it is currently being shopped to various broadcasters.