Tee Grizzley is raking up big bucks, and not only through the music industry.

In an interview with Million Dollaz Worth Of Game, the rapper shared that he has accomplished what he has set out to do in rap. Now, he has his eyes set on new goals.

Grizzley says he is now earning serious cash thanks to his customized Grand Theft Auto server, Grizzley World RP, and gamers tuning in to watch him play on Call of Duty.

Grizzley World

Already having a knack for gaming as early as elementary school, the idea to monetize his skill started during the pandemic after a suggestion to stream himself while gaming.

A friend by the name of North created a free server for the rapper and projected it could earn Grizzley $5,000 a month.

He surpassed those expectations and says he made nearly $50,000 a week through Grizzley World RP.  The earnings stemmed from Twitch, Youtube, sponsorships, and advertisements. What’s more, Grizzley’s server has 90,000 members who have to pay an admission fee marked between $100 to $400.

Grizzley On Monetizing Gaming

“I put my sh-t up. I stream it on Twitch, right? I get paid from Twitch. I take the Twitch videos that are already streamed, [and] put it on YouTube. Get paid from the two, and I get paid from the server. Then you got sponsorships, you got ads,” Grizzley said.

He’s also creating a lane for those around him to create income as well.

“Most importantly though, when these people do pay the $100 up to $400 a month … to come in there, they turned around and started making $20,000 a month. Now they ain’t gotta be in the streets no more.”

Grizzley's Other Business Ventures

Grizzley also has his hands in other business ventures.

“In my city, you don’t have to be no shooter though, you can work at Chick-Fil-A,” Grizzley said. “I own a Dunkin Donuts and a KFC … it’s females there that do hair in the city. You could create whatever lane you want to create.