OneOf is placing artists in a position to thrive in the era of Web3.

According to a press release, the Quincy Jones-backed platform has announced the launch of a Web3 fan club and NFT program titled CO//SIGN, which was curated to ensure budding musicians can be empowered through the world of NFTs.

Featured artists will include Amindi, Rakeem Miles, Elujay, and more. They will all receive an NFT collectible, designed by multidisciplinary digital artist SillyGabe, which will drop every Wednesday starting April 20, 2022, on A majority of the proceeds will help sustain the careers of the artists.

“The OneOf CO//SIGN program was designed to completely reinvent the decades-old fan club in a truly modern way with Web3 technology,” said Adam Fell, Co-Founder of OneOf, longtime artist manager, and President of Quincy Jones Productions, in a statement. “Using the inherent scarcity of non-fungible tokens, a new economic partnership between the artist and the fan is created. CO//SIGN identifies breakout artists, and fans that are early adopters and believe in these burgeoning careers embark on the journey together. And like OneOf’s other drops and platform as a whole, this was designed to be environmentally friendly and extremely easy to use.”

The CO//SIGN fan club will solidify a long-lasting economic relationship between artists and fans, who can further bolster their artist of choice by purchasing an NFT. And, artists will not be the only ones receiving perks, fans will reap their own as they will secure awards when the artist has achieved a career milestone.

Interested collectors can secure an artist NFT for a price point between $10 to $50. Be on the lookout for more artists to roll out beginning in June 2022.