Pyer Moss founder Kerby Jean-Raymond has just been appointed to the role of Vice President, Creative Direction of Reebok.

According to Sneaker News, for the last four years, Jean-Raymond and his company have played a vital role in sharing their expertise with Reebok on a collaborative scale. He will now take the helm of a few forthcoming projects and provide creative leadership across all of Reebok’s design disciplines.

“I am thrilled to be evolving my role at Reebok and joining the leadership team as the head of Creative Direction,” said Jean-Raymond. “I welcome this opportunity to help invigorate the brand with new ideas, while also focusing on instilling a sense of social purpose into our work.”

The first of many projects to come is “Product with Purpose,” a program designed to further the footwear label’s United Against Racism commitments.

While there will be quite some time before we see Jean-Raymond’s works come to life, the designer’s first standalone show — The Sculpt — is set to arrive in October.