When she isn’t making her stake in the rap industry or starring on VH1’s “Love & Hip-Hop Miami,” you can catch PreMadonna shaking up the culinary space with PreMadonna Cookware.

Raised by a single mother and supported by her community through childcare programs and food banks, PreMadonna’s childhood helped her to understand the importance of representation for people who not only look like her but have been in her shoes.

“My love for cooking came while growing up,” said PreMadonna in an interview with AfroTech. “Watching how dinnertime brought my family together for fellowship is one of my biggest memories. Growing up, we didn’t have much as a family so learning to make moments out of what we did have was key.”

While cherishing those moments was key, PreMadonna has also realized that knowing the importance of representation has also played a part in founding her cookware line.

“Often our ideas, our behaviors, and our culture is stolen from us, watered down, and sold back to us. As a Black woman, it’s my due diligence to ensure that I’m letting my children know that we can create and profit using our ideas. Because I’m doing it, other little Black girls can aspire to do it and do it better than me. That’s representation to me.”

Not only is her air fryer a fan-favorite, but the multi-million-dollar cookware and seasoning empire includes pressure cookers, deep fryers, and blenders. PreMadonna’s Cookware also offers a best-selling cookbook and seasonings that have been coined by the queen of entrepreneurship herself, Rihanna.

“I purposely only release items that I would actually use,” PreMadonna told AfroTech. “When designing new items, it’s important to me to pick items that are practical and that make the lives of women a lot easier.”

At the end of the day, PreMadonna says she’s on a mission to allow her own children and other young African American entrepreneurs to see her success and know that they too can achieve it.

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