Whether you know her for her music or her “Patti Pies,” Patti LaBelle is an icon.

Originally coming to prominence thanks to her musical stylings with LaBelle (originally known as Patti LaBelle and the Blue Belles), the fierce songstress first began making headlines when one of her original bandmembers — Cindy Birdsong — departed the group to join Diana Ross and the Supremes. But it wasn’t until the release of the original “Lady Marmalade” in 1975 — and an appearance on the cover of Rolling Stone — that LaBelle began hitting the mainstream.

Today, as a respected R&B diva, she has diversified her business portfolio. In addition to a prolific acting career that took her everywhere from Broadway (in “Fela!”) to primetime (thanks to her role in “Empire”), LaBelle gained a whole new fan base — and became an LGBTQIA+ icon — when, in 2015, social media personality James Wright Chanel recorded a video singing the praises of her “Patti Pies.” The video subsequently went viral, and LaBelle gained a whole new income stream as stores from Walmart to Omaha Steaks began stocking the legend’s wares.

“Patti LaBelle can cook,” indeed — because this only contributed to her $60 million net worth, according to Celebrity Net Worth. 

Fortunately, Ms. Patti has been spreading the wealth, making sure that her five children — one biological, four adopted — have been well-provided for. Let’s take a look at how they’re securing her legacy with career paths of their own.

Editorial note: The net worth listed in this piece is a speculative estimate drawn from various online sources.

Zuri Kye Edwards

Photo Credit: Paras Griffin

Zuri Kye Edwards is the apple of Patti LaBelle’s eye. He’s her only biological child, whom she had with her ex-husband Armstead Edwards. Today, Zuri is her personal and business manager, and the pair share an extremely close and loving bond. What’s more, Zuri is the father of Patti’s adorable little granddaughter, Gia, who has her own Instagram page where she shares all of her latest fashion moves.

Dodd Stocker-Edwards

Courtesy of LinkedIn

Dodd Stocker-Edwards is Patti LaBelle’s adopted son, whom she adopted during her marriage to her first husband. Based in New Jersey, Dodd Stocker-Edwards owns Pump Dog, a luxury boutique gym fashion company.

Stanley Stocker-Edwards

Stanley Stocker-Edwards is Patti LaBelle’s adopted son, whom she adopted while she was still married to her first husband.

In his authorized biography about the First Lady, Peter Slevin revealed that Michelle Obama (back when she was Michelle LaVaughn Robinson) dated Stanley Stocker-Edwards while they were both Harvard Law students. But Mrs. Obama revealed that “nothing lasted,” for her, and strongly implied that “no man could handle her” until Barack Obama came along.

Regardless, there are no hard feelings between the First Lady and Stocker-Edwards, and today, Stanley Stocker-Edwards is an attorney at Covington and Burling LLP, in Washington D.C.

Stayce Holte

Little is known about Stayce Holte, Patti LaBelle’s niece and adopted daughter. However, she periodically dishes out life advice on her Twitter page.

William Holte

Courtesy of Instagram

William Holte is Patti LaBelle’s nephew, whom she adopted after her sister, Jacqueline — William’s mother — passed away from cancer. Though William was caught up in some Twitter drama in December 2020 — prompting his aunt to come to his defense — his LinkedIn shows that he works as a personal assistant for a Pennsylvania-based company called Pattonium, Inc., which is in the alcohol and spirits industry.