Patti LaBelle has always been assured that she knows how to cook.

Since age 10, the legendary singer has worked her way around the kitchen, according to her interview with Forbes.

In the past, Labelle has cooked for the likes of Elton John, The Rolling Stones, and Richard Pryor. When providing the stars with meals, her only request was for her name to be written across them for people to know she was the chef behind the plates.

She became even more known for her food when she launched her popular sweet potato pie under Patti’s Good Life in 2015. The line has been a hit in Walmart stores as one of its best-selling products. What’s more, her macaroni and cheese is also a best seller.

The legend shared with the outlet that before releasing the pies to the public, she taste-tested them around ten times, while the macaroni and cheese took 12 attempts to get perfect. For LaBelle and her brand, being hands on and ensuring affordability are two important factors.

“People can afford to eat my food and know that they’re getting quality food,” LaBelle told the outlet. “And you didn’t spend your last dollar for it. So that’s important to me so I could help someone have a decent meal because times are hard.”

She continued, “Friends always loved my food and they said, ‘Why don’t you put out a line?’ I said, ‘Okay, when I put this line out it’s going to be affordable because some of my friends didn’t have much. And so when the line came out, I mean they just were loving the fact that they could afford a great meal.”

Following the success of the sweet potato pie, LaBelle launched a frozen food breakfast line.

As previously reported by AfroTech, she expanded her company by selling frozen mini pancakes and mini pancake sandwiches.

And for LaBelle, things are just getting started. She revealed that wine and more frozen meals are on their way.