We all have to start somewhere — and that goes for NBA player Patrick Beverley as well.


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During a conversation with Kevin Hart on his show “Cold As Balls,” Beverley discusses his return to the NBA after he was cut from the Miami Heat.

Playing overseas: Although Beverley felt defeated, he remained determined to keep his basketball dreams alive. His persistence led him to a Russian team where he channeled his attention toward reaching his best potential. However, his vision to dominate overseas was cut short after the NBA spun the block with another opportunity to play in the league.

What steps were taken to return to the NBA: However, the basketball star was faced with the reality of coughing up hefty dollars to honor a no-NBA clause contract. Beverley learned he would be responsible to pay $1.4 million to play for the Houston Rockets or Cleveland Cavaliers.

“I had to pay,” Beverley told Hart. “I signed a no-NBA clause overseas. I think at the time the buyout for the NBA was only $250,000. I’m 22-years-old, I don’t know the business side of it. I’m thinking like, ‘They can pay the $1.6 million — NBA got that.’ My agent tells me, ‘No, they can only pay $250,000.’ So, I’m looking at him like ‘So, who pays the other $1.4 million?'”

His agent responded, “You have to.”

Mother knows best: Beverley then turned to his mother for her insight. Since she believed in his dream, she advised him to make the decision to return to the NBA.

The basketball player recalls her even taking a checkbook from her purse to write the check for the Russian team to free Beverley from his contract.

Beverley then went on to play for the Houston Rockets. Spotrac reports he signed a three-year contract totaling $1,985,491 from 2012 to 2014. When he re-signed with the Houston Rockets in 2015, he landed a four-year contract totaling over $23 million.

Now, back in the states, life for Beverley probably wasn’t what one would picture for an NBA player.

“I get my first check in the NBA … that mother f–ker say $11,000. I’m living with my mom in the NBA. My mom is going out to do nails, and I’m going to NBA practice. I’m coming home like, ‘Yo, what we got for dinner?’ So like, that was my life, my first couple of years in the NBA,” Beverley explained.

Today, the point guard plays for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Celebrity Net Worth estimates Patrick Beverley to have a $13 million net worth.