Amid the coronavirus outbreak, millions of people around the world are coming together to help those in need. Whether they’re giving back, donating supplies, or contributing to relief funds, companies and people are doing their part to support one another.

Sports, in particular, is an industry that’s taken a heavy hit as many events and games have been suspended indefinitely. While all sports are on pause right now, some big-name athletes like Zion Williamson, Stephen Curry, and Kevin Love are digging into their wallets to pitch into the relief efforts. Most recently, sports agency Octagon has launched its own initiative, Athletes for COVID-19 Relief, as a fundraising tool for all athletes to show their support for those in need.

Through this fund, Forbes reports that over 100 athletes from various sports have donated their signed memorabilia to help raise money to go towards supplies and other relief efforts.

“There are so many things people can do to support those affected right now. Big or small, every donation or act of service goes a long way,” 2019 WNBA MVP, Elena Delle Donne, said, according to Forbes.

The relief fund has also attracted the likes of Simone Biles, Chris Paul, Shaun White, Sir Nick Faldo, Michael Phelps, Jimmie Johnson, and David Ortiz to participate as well.

“Many athletes were asking for a place to do more in addition to personal private donations they are each doing, so we really just wanted to create a platform for all athletes to participate, give, share…raise money and most importantly, provide relief,” David Schwab, executive vice president at Octagon said.

Many people are using social media to raise awareness for those in need and raise money for themselves as well. Athletes are also using these platforms to connect with fans and reach out to those who need assistance.

“About 10% of the items are ones where athletes saw posts in other people’s Twitter and Instagram feeds and asked to partake,” Schwab said.

Octagon is opening up the fundraising platform to any athlete who wishes to participate, even those outside of the agency. In response to the relief fund.