This college student just hit TikTok with the ultimate flex.

Black Women In Aerospace

A user by the name of “Myainspace” claimed that she will be the only Black person graduating with a degree in aerospace engineering at her university this year.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Mya Guillaume is currently a senior studying aerospace engineering at Pennsylvania State University.


“I’m graduating with a degree in rocket science and I just came back from my scholarship sign-off brunch,” Guillaume said. “And I got this little statue and this statue might not mean much to y’all, but I wanted to do something in order to be given a statue since I was a freshman.”

She further explained that she received the award because she is one of three students who finished her program. In the clip, Guillaume shared that the group started off with six scholars.

The Journey To The End

“I’m one of three scholars who made it to the end of my program. Six of us came in as freshmen. I am the only engineer finishing in four years,” she continued. “I am the only Black aerospace graduate, like, aerospace student graduating this year. There’s 140 of us. There’s about 13 women-ish. I’ve gotten to fly planes, I’ve gotten to fly in zero gravity.”

Additionally, Guillaume continued to outline some of her biggest achievements met throughout the course of her college career.

Her College Career

“I’ve built rockets. I’ve built satellites,” she claimed in the TikTok video. “I’m doing what I love. I’m 21 years old and my career is just taking off. Thank you.”

The comments on Guillaume’s post were flooded with well wishes from users, some of whom are even in the aerospace industry themselves.

“Congratulations! You made me so happy just pushing the envelope,” said one user in the comments. “I pray for your journey to give you all the opportunities and deals you deserve.”

In March of 2022, according to a press release, Guillaume was one out of 51 students to receive a 2022 Brooke Owens Fellowship.

The press release described the fellowship as “a nationally-acclaimed nonprofit program recognizing exceptional undergraduate women and other gender minorities with space and aviation internships, senior mentorship, and a lifelong professional network.”

According to Penn State College of Engineering News, Guillaume also received the Patti Grace Smith fellowship, which enabled her to complete an internship with space technology company Maxar Technologies. Plus, it allowed her to receive guidance and mentorship.

“Mya is someone who thrives in the midst of a challenge,” said Guillaume’s mentor Lauren Griggs, MEP director, the college reported last year. “She brings an unparalleled level of confidence, enthusiasm and passion to each and every one of her commitments. She has a fire and determination that I know will fuel her success in the aerospace engineering field.”

While at Penn State, she’s not only held her internship at Maxar but she’s also been involved in the Multicultural Engineering Program.