Shonda Wells’ — mother of Olympian Tamyra Mensah-Stock — ultimate dream may have been delayed, but it surely wasn’t denied.

After having to hold off on running her BBQ establishment due to a lack of resources, the longtime chef has officially received her food truck, USA TODAY Sports reports.

A Dream Come True

As previously reported by AfroTech, Cameron Davies, owner of Cruising Kitchens — a San Antonio-based mobile food construction company — equipped Wells with a $250,000 food truck. In its building process of just about four months, he has kept his promise of getting Wells out on the road.

In the past, the outlet shares that Wells had the challenge of not having proper refrigeration, shortage, and food distribution permits. Now, according to Davies, the new P’lickles Famous BBQ food truck has a “fully stocked food tank with generators, freshwater, drain water, TVs, speakers, and custom grills.” On top of that, he is set to pay for its registration and the first six months of insurance.

Before his act of kindness, Mensah-Stock planned to help buy her mother a food truck. The gracious daughter intended to put in $30,000 of the money she earned from the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics.

“When I saw the story I knew this was something we could do for her mom, that it would change her life,” Davies said, according to USA TODAY Sports.

Davies added: “The world needs positive stories, might as well give everybody a good story they’re happy to hear.”

Tamyra Mensah-Stock On Her Mother's New Food Truck

“It’s way better than I could have done on my own,” Mensah-Stock said, who made history last summer as the first Black woman to win a wrestling gold medal.

She continued: “Like who does that? Just because I won the Olympics? There should be more nice people like him. I’m going to squeeze him.”

Getting The Wheels Rolling

Houston residents can soon expect Wells to be serving up her Texas BBQ.