Nipsey Hussle and his marathon continue. 

According to AllHipHop, fans of the late Nipsey Hussle will soon have a chance to gain access to unreleased music from the rapper in the metaverse.

RAIRTECH will be joining forces with award-winning producer Leroy “Mr. Lee” Williams, Nipsey’s estate, and Southwest Digital Distribution to allow fans to experience the musical prowess of Nipsey. The limited release will feature 1,000 non- fungible tokens (NFTs) selling for $100 each.

“Culture, community, and innovation have always been at the heart of Nipsey’s values,” says Mr. Lee, CEO of Noddfactor Entertainment, according to AllHipHop. “We’re glad to work with RAIRTECH and Southwest Digital to continue his vision with yet another groundbreaking release to his final album.” 

“With all the NFT platforms available, it’s an honor to collaborate with the Nipsey Hussle team on such an iconic project for our first-ever NFT drop,” Ed Prado, CEO of RAIRTECH, said. “As we understand the significance of this project and its legacy, we’re excited to demonstrate the RAIR technology suite as a truly viable solution to empower creators with more control than any other solution on the market.”

What can I expect from Nipsey's NFT collection?

Fans will be able to revel in all things Nipsey Hussle as the drop will reportedly feature a track titled “Blue Laces 3,” a documentary of the rapper, behind-the-scenes clips, and seven additional unreleased tracks, AllHipHop reports.

According to the outlet, “the 1000 participants in the NFT release will be added to a private discord server to receive exclusive drops, including first access to NFTs, real-world auctions, and merchandise.”

“We see this NFT drop as a means of creating a community of loyal fans and collectors that will benefit from future content, all available through our NipseyVerse,” said Southwest Digital’s John Patillo, according to AllHipHop.

When's the release?

The Nipsey Hussle experience is said to release on Jan. 6, 2022.