A recent Cowen Insights report showed that Netflix is a mainstay in many homes. 39 percent of people surveyed ages 18-34 cited Netflix as the service they use most often to view video content on TV. Only 17 percent named Google’s YouTube as their top service. Amazon Prime video trailed with 3 percent, and traditional basic cable was preferred by just 13 percent of respondents.

The insights from the report on CultureBanx shows that content with diverse storylines such as predominately black casts or displays of black identity gets an increase in viewership by non-black audiences as well. And by tapping into younger, more diverse audiences, Netflix is outperforming the competition.

Netflix’s initiatives such as ‘Strong Black Lead’ on Facebook and Twitter are having a positive impact on viewership through social engagement and campaigns such as the star-studded “A Great Day In Hollywood” campaign, which was modeled after the iconic “A Great Day In Harlem” image.

Netflix’s 125 million subscribers around the world should look forward to more diverse, episodic content across genres as the company plans to invest almost $8 billion in original content in 2018.

Other streaming services to look out for include Apple, which has made a push recently to invest in its streaming service potential by signing a multi-year deal with Oprah to amplify the fan base and claiming they will invest $1 billion in original content this year.