A historic newspaper is turning over a new leaf… literally.

According to Omaha, NE’s WOWT News 6, the oldest Black-owned newspaper in the state of Nebraska is officially under new ownership.

The paper’s publisher, Terri Sanders, now owns The Omaha Star.

A Dream Come True

“This is more than surreal – this has been a dream for a long time,” Sanders shared during an interview with WOWT.

Sanders is now following in the footsteps of other Black women who have led the way with the news organization, including its founder, Mildred Brown. Marguerita Washington and two other leading ladies have made their mark on the paper as well in other capacities.

“Phyllis Hicks was the publisher, as was Frankie Williams,” Sanders recalled. “And I am No. 5. I knew Mrs. Mildred Brown was a little girl growing up in Omaha. I knew what she represented and believed in it.”

Maintaining The Paper's Legacy

When the paper was first launched, The Omaha Star’s main focus was to spread the good news that was neglected by mainstream media taking place in the northern region of Omaha.

And despite Sanders’ eagerness to step in and make some changes, she revealed that the historic building housing the paper since 1938 will remain intact. In fact, she plans to have a museum there honoring “Mildred Brown, the Black newspaper, and Black journalism.”

“I’m a native Omahan and I understand the importance of The Omaha Star, the relevance of The Omaha Star,” Sanders explained. “And this year, on July 9th, will make 85 years of publishing; and I want to see that legacy continue into the future.”

The Future Of The Omaha Star

What’s more, The Omaha Star will continue its operations straight from the Omaha community that it has served since the paper’s inception. Its newsroom will just move to an area of the building that once served as Brown’s living quarters. 

“It was important to keep it here and not move it, and not have someone outside of our community that did not understand the relevance and the importance and the history that goes along with The Omaha Star,” Sanders shared.

Beyond just the print space, Sanders aims to help the publication make bolder moves within the digital media industry as well.