NBA player CJ McCollum has made a name for himself in the wine sector, and he is actively broadening his impact in other industries.


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McCollum Heritage 91

As AfroTech previously mentioned, the NBA player launched McCollum Heritage 91 back in 2020, intending to make the industry more accessible.

“Growing up, I wasn’t exposed to what goes into making wine, or what goes into drinking wine,” McCollum told Food & Wine. “As a Black man who is now in the wine world, I would encourage more Black men and women, and minorities in general, to learn more about wine and be open to exploring it.”

Diversifying Portfolio

However, the spirits industry isn’t the only business endeavor the 31-year-old has.

During an interview with Forbes, McCollum discussed how he’s diversifying his portfolio and how that process is for him.

“For me, it’s about building out a healthy portfolio. I’m probably at about 30 alternative investments right now,” McCollum explained to Forbes. “I invest in public and private markets. I think for me, it’s about education first. So, one of the things my financial advisor and I do is we pick an area every year that we want to learn about and we get a mentor in that space… I’ve kind of gone through the rigors of learning first and then investing.”

Generation Wealth

He continued: “I’m in restaurant franchising, I have land acquisitions, I’m in residential housing… blockchain, crypto… NBA top shot… gaming… fanatics… pharmaceutical… I’m in hedge funds, I’m in private equity. Obviously, I’m in the wine space. I think I’m most proud of the diversity. I’m most proud of the real estate because that’s a way to attain generational wealth.”

McCollum is clearly positioning himself to be successful outside of the league while keeping his focus on ensuring he is aligning himself in sectors that represent his “DNA” and will ultimately improve his community.