Phrases like “Home is where the heart is” or “There’s no place like home” are common ways to describe a person’s connection to a place based on fond memories and comfort. But for those with a robust real estate portfolio, home can be wherever their investment dollars lead them. Naomi Campbell is an example of the latter.

Naomi Campbell Is Multi-Dimensional

Campbell, the British supermodel perhaps best known for her signature runway walk and fashion style, has invested in several global properties, adding to her business diversity.

In 2024, Campbell was honored at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum with a first-of-its-kind exhibit — Naomi: in Fashion — that opened June 22, 2024, and runs through April 6, 2025. The exhibit traces her 40-year journey from her childhood days as a dancer to the pinnacle of her modeling career in the 1990s.

As MSN reported, the exhibit features her signature looks and career-defining moments. This exhibit not only celebrates Campbell and her fellow Black models but is also a symbol of her influence on the industry and popular culture — a testament to her $80 million fortune, as estimated by Celebrity Net Worth.

Although fashion and modeling are at the core of Campbell’s earnings, the 54-year-old has made real estate a significant part of her wealth-building journey.

New York City, NY

Details about Campbell’s New York home remain under wraps, but her YouTube channel offers glimpses. According to Travel Noire, this is not her first investment in New York City, NY.

In the early 2000s, Campbell owned an apartment at 500 Park Avenue in Midtown Manhattan. The three-bedroom oasis featured a massive hot tub that was said to fit four people. In 2006, the home was put on the market for $5.25 million.

Moscow, Russia

This home in a forested suburb was noted for its unique architectural design. Campbell’s former partner, Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin, commissioned the home for her, but their breakup left some uncertainty around the property and its eventual sale.

According to our sister site, Travel Noire, the 35,520-square-foot property is located within the Barvikha Forest and has a futuristic design. The massive home, coined the “Spaceship House,” was reported to have cost $140 million to build.

Malindi, Kenya

Nestled in a seaside villa, Campbell visits this mansion to connect to nature. Her former partner, Italian billionaire Flavio Briatore, created the resort-style neighborhood where the villa sits.

However, Campbell’s roots in Kenya run deep. According to Architectural Digest, I first visited the country in the mid-1990s and immediately felt connected. So it makes sense that her home there would serve as a place to escape all the noise with four pools, vaulted ceilings, and Makuti roofs.

“It’s a very calming place. You don’t really want to be on the phone,” Campbell told Architectural Digest. “You just want to read and be with yourself. It’s nice to just have the silence and the crickets.”

The supermodel is also a tourism ambassador for Kenya and uses her platform to champion all 54 countries across the continent.