Naomi Campbell is next up on the list of public figures who have earned an honorary doctorate degree.

ABC News reports that the global supermodel received an honorary Ph.D. from the University of the Creative Arts in London for her contribution to the fashion world.

Naomi Campbell's Formula For Success

Although she is one of the biggest to ever walk the runway, Campbell has had her own fair share of trials and tribulations throughout her career. During her speech to the UCA Epsom graduates, the South London star shared how she was raised by “very strong women” — her mom, sisters, and grandmother — the outlet notes. Along with her support system, Campbell credits dedication, determination, and drive for her success for nearly four decades.

The international supermodel shares a word of advice to the younger generation:

“Never let anyone change the way you feel, change the course of what you and your vision and what you want for yourself,” she said, according to the outlet.

She added: “Never quit.”

A Trailblazer In The Industry

The 51-year-old’s longevity as not only a model, but also an actress and activist is linked to her ability to expand into new lanes. As previously reported by AfroTech, Campbell inked a deal with digital network Studio71 to grow and diversify her digital content portfolio.

“I’m thrilled to be collaborating with Studio71 as I further develop projects in the media space and look forward to sharing my creative ideas with the masses in the very near future,” Campbell said in a statement reported by Variety.

In the partnership, Campbell curates and amplifies her content via ad sales, channel optimization, and brand partnerships across multiple platforms. She even went on to launch a series “No Filter With Naomi,” where she speaks with her special guests about the fashion industry.

“Naomi is doing something really special that she’s not done before. She understands the importance of content and has assumed a responsibility to connect with her audience in a meaningful and authentic way, like only she can,” said SVP and co-head of talent at Studio71, Joseph Marchese, in a statement.