A new partnership between Myavana and Ulta Beauty could revolutionize the retail experience for the textured hair community. 

POCIT reports Myavana, a company created by Candace Mitchell Harris in 2012, will be expanding its efforts in the haircare industry through the endeavor. Its textured haircare science empowered by artificial intelligence (AI) will provide personalized data insights and product recommendations for the retailer.

Integrating its AI hair analysis technology into Ulta’s e-commerce platform, Myavana will help elevate the overall user experience by offering real-time analysis that guides users toward products that are optimal for their hair.

Looking ahead, Myavana plans to explore additional ways to scale its efforts around AI-powered hair technologies.

“Through our personalized hair care technology that will innovate and elevate our shopping experiences, we’re excited to bring to market better identification and understanding of our unique hair strands and unique hair journeys while partnering with the nation’s largest beauty retailer that prioritizes innovation and inclusion,” Harris said, according to POCIT.

The expansion of Myavana’s footprint is also accompanied by investments from Ulta Beauty’s Digital Innovation Fund, Prisma Ventures, as well as BrainTrustFund.

The financial commitment from BrainTrustFund — a resource created to prioritize Black-founded beauty and wellness companies — will support retail expansion, which includes salon channels and global product distribution, according to the outlet.

“Myavana is emerging as a leader in beauty AI because its hair strand analysis super-serves every customer in this valuable marketplace, from the shopper seeking a personalized diagnosis, to retailers and stylists wanting to sell the right products to shoppers the first time,” said BrainTrust Fund general partners Kendra Bracken-Ferguson and Lisa Stone, per POCIT.