Staying the course paid off greatly for Moneybagg Yo.

The rapper, known for hit singles including “Said Sum,” and “Wockesha” was chasing any bag in the earlier days of his career. He was willing to reach his dreams at all costs, even while sleeping on a floor mattress for six months.

“We were sleeping on the floor in the Mill Creek apartments. We were doing what we had to do to get $40, $100 here and there,” Moneybagg Yo said during an interview on the show “360 With Speedy Morman.” “It was like in the streets. It was up and down, and we was just taking the money and going to One Sound Studios and recording with the engineer Sky. He’s the same engineer that’s with me today. I just took everything I had and made that happen and got us off the floor.”

Today, Moneybagg Yo’s price has gone up significantly. At the time of his first show, he charged $500. As his music began growing in popularity, his rate drastically increased — signaling to the rapper he was making what people wanted to hear.

“It started with $500 first, probably like one or two shows and then immediately after the $500, it went to $2,500 and that’s how my stuff was jumping,” Moneybagg Yo explained. “It was going from $2,500 to $10,000 to $25,000. It was doing real big jumps. So, I knew we was on to something.”

Now, he is charging anywhere between $150,000 to $200,000 per show.

“For one performance, I got $200,000 before, that’s when I first went up,” he revealed. “You always set the standard. You always set the bar.”

He continued, “I’m still a hustler. I’m a street n–ga at the end of the day, so I understand business too. So it’s like everybody ain’t got the $200,000. I ain’t going no less than $150,000 though. We gon’ make it happen with $175,000, $150,000. ‘What you got?’ I’m gonna work with you. I’m gonna see what you got. ‘How long you need me on the stage?,’ but I’mma have to water you down from the $200,000. At the $200,000 you gonna get all this, you gon’ get your money’s worth… but the $150,000 you might water it down a little bit, but I’m still give you me. I’mma give fans the best show of their life.”