It looks like Mike Tyson’s edible ears won’t be making their way to this U.S. state.

As previously reported by AfroTech, the iconic heavyweight launched Mike Bites, the ear-shaped weed edible gummies that pay homage to the infamous matchup between him and Evander Holyfield in which he bit off a chunk of his opponent’s ear.

The new treats have already made their debut in California with plans to expand across the nation. However, one state is not too keen on the edibles making their way to dispensaries within the state.


Why Is There A Ban On Mike Bites?

For years, Colorado has led the charge when it comes to recreational cannabis use. In fact, the state first legalized the plant for medical use in 2000 and a little over a decade later it became available for recreational use in late 2012.

Despite the state being progressive when it comes to the use of the drug, they are not letting up on Mike Bites. Instead, the cannabis treats are banned from the state due to fear that human-shaped edibles may encourage children to get hooked on marijuana. As a matter of fact, the state passed a law in 2016 which completely bans marijuana edibles from being shaped like humans to prevent children from partaking and getting hooked on them. According to AP News, the ban on edible gummy bears and other weed products shaped like “animals, people and fruit” went into effect in 2017.

Mike Tyson's Alternative Route

Although his ear-shaped Mike Bites aren’t allowed to be sold in Colorado, Tyson will rebrand specifically for the state and sell those gummies in the shape of a “T” instead, per reports from the U.S. Sun.

Mike Bites are just one of several cannabis products that the heavyweight champ has been selling since the year 2016.

The goal is for the treats to hit recreational dispensaries in the state by the end of the summer.