American football is one of the country’s favorite pastimes. While it is entertaining to watch, the game’s physicality is rough on the players. From hard tackles to equilibrium imbalances, the propensity for injury is inevitable. Unfortunately, former New York Giants Michael Cox knows this tale all too well.

During a 2014 game against the Seattle Seahawks, Cox was tackled, leading to a severe injury that left him with a broken leg, damaged cartilage, and injured ankle, according to court documents. After undergoing surgery with prominent physician Dr. Dean Lorich, Cox was allegedly not entirely whole.

Cox asserts that because his ankle was not fully repaired, the injury ended his career. Michael Cox then sued Dr. Lorich in 2016, and a recent verdict revealed that Cox was awarded $28.5 million in the case.

According to the New York Post, Cox chose Dr. Lorich to perform the surgery because of the work he performed on U2’s lead singer Bono after a bike accident.

While Cox’s injury meant he could not live out the depth of his football career, the recent verdict handsomely compensated the former Giants player for his suffering.

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The New York Post reported that the $28.5 million was broken down into three categories:

  • $15.5 million in future pain and suffering
  • $12 million in lost earnings
  • $1 million in past pain and suffering.

“The jury spoke with a clear and unambiguous voice that Mr. Cox received inadequate medical care and treatment and was significantly injured as a result,” said Cox’s attorney, Jordan Merson. “We are pleased with the jury’s decision.”

Cox was drafted in 2013 by the New York Giants in the seventh round, during a time when the team had superstar Odell Beckham, Jr.

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Before the end of his career, Cox was in the midst of a four-year contract deal worth over $2 million.