Meta’s Horizon Worlds is expanding by helping its users make an income in the metaverse.

The company has started testing two ways for creators to monetize being on its social VR platform, according to Adweek. On April 11, it was announced that a “handful” of creators would test the ability to craft and sell virtual items and effects.

“The metaverse—by nature of its not being limited by physical space—will bring a new level of creativity and open up new opportunities for the next generation of creators and businesses to pursue their passions and create livelihoods,” Meta said via a blog post, according to Adweek. ” Creators and entrepreneurs will have more freedom to find a business model that works for them. So, we’re excited to take this step today and expand further on the $10 million Horizon Creators Fund we announced last October, which we’ve been using to provide resources to Horizon Worlds creators. We’ll continue to work with our creator community and test and learn.”

As of now, only Meta’s Horizon Worlds users a part of the testing and that are 18 and older in Canada and the U.S. have the ability to purchase items.

Additional Testing For Meta

According to the outlet, Meta is experimenting with another testing — a Horizon Worlds Creator Bonus program. The bonuses will be available in the U.S. “in the form of goal-oriented monthly programs and payouts to creators at the end of the month for their progress toward meeting those goals.”

“It’s not like we just put something out there, and we’re done,” Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg told Horizon Worlds creator Alex Chandler. “You know, we’ll see what you all build. And then we’ll see what resonates with the people using the worlds, and then we’ll build the next round of tools based on that and keep on improving it. And so that’s what I’m interested in, is just how quickly we can learn and iterate on this and keep on making it better.”