Black TikTokers are taking back their creativity one step at a time!

In light of the TikTok strike that erupted on the platform late June, Black TikTok is now taking a public stand for their creativity and viral contributions.

While others on the app find their own ways to protect their intellectual property, TikTok creator Keara Wilson is finally getting justice for the dance challenge that helped Megan Thee Stallion become a Grammy-winning artist.

According to a press release, Wilson — who created the #SavageChallenge to Megan’s “Savage” single early last year — attended a dinner celebration for #Creators4BIPOC month and was surprised to learn she earned the copyrights for her viral dance with help from Logitech and award-winning choreographer JaQuel Knight.


the ONE & only…. @jaquelknight 💗💗💗 Thank you Thank you so much! & @logitech ❤️ Savage Dance is officially COPYRIGHTED! i own my dance 😭‼️

♬ Savage – Megan Thee Stallion

As part of a movement to address the barriers blocking Black and brown creators in the digital space, Logitech and Knight have come together to help ten of these creatives secure copyrights for their choreography so they can own and monetize their creations.

“I am so thrilled to announce this collaboration with The JaQuel Knight Foundation and Logitech, a remarkable step in our goal toward creating a system of protection for young creators,” Knight said in a statement. “The JK Foundation was ultimately started to provide a place of support for dancers (during an extremely fragile time in the pandemic, nonetheless), and to put the power back in the artists’ hands – not just for myself, but for the next JaQuel Knight. For all of the little boys and girls who look like me.”

“The foundation’s hope is to impact, encourage, and inspire the next generation of artists, and build a community that supports each other,” he continued. “I am so inspired by this incredible group of choreographers and am so excited to be able to share this historic moment with them as we move toward real change in the commercial music and entertainment industries.”

In addition to Wilson, five other creators were also surprised with their copyrights at the #Creators4BIPOC event — including:

    • Young Deji – creator of “The Woah” dance
    • Fullout Cortland – creator of Doja Cat’s “Say So” performance at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards
    • Nae Nae Twins – creators of the dance to Megan Thee Stallion’s “Savage Remix” featuring Beyoncé)
    • Chloe Arnold – “Salute A Legend” choreography for Syncopated Ladies
    • Mya Johnson and Chris Cotter – creators of the “Up” dance to Cardi B’s single

Copyrighting choreography in this day and age has been an uphill battle for creators, especially Black dancers. Logitech and Knight’s partnership represents a small step toward progress that’s helping to ease the process and rewrite a future that allows more creatives to benefit from their work.