As the gig economy flourishes and makes way for more on-demand labor platforms, chemists Amber Clophus and Wayne Morgan envisioned an innovative way for small business owners to connect with customers.

With simplicity and seamlessness in mind, the duo built BidBrowseBook, a mobile app matching professionals with local consumers, eliminating the frustration of searching for the perfect person for the gig.

“We’re a match-making app for services, jobs, and businesses,” said Morgan.

Noting BidBrowseBook has several competitors, Clophus and Morgan differentiate themselves by designing their platform to empower entrepreneurs and local firms using the app.

“No other service is really good at picking up small businesses in communities,” he said. “Sometimes it’s hard to advertise or market your services at a local level.”

Reversing the traditional model where users find workers to hire, BidBrowseBook allows professionals to search for their customer based on a listing for chores or tasks created by the user.

“A lot of what we’ve done is try to think about it from a small and medium-size business perspective,” said Morgan outlining the app’s features. “We’re trying to automate as much as the business side as we can so the professional can concentrate on just that service, their product or their job.”

BidBrowseBook was also built to automate payments, invoicing, and accounting. “We built in an escrow system so professionals can complete the job knowing they’re going to get paid every time,” he added.

The team is now busy attracting professionals to the on-demand labor app and teaching them how to leverage BidBrowseBook to be successful in their business.

At a local level, the team plans to host networking events for professionals to learn more about the app, meet business owners and continue building the product with their needs in mind.

“We want the app to be an equalizer,” said Morgan reflecting on being Black in tech. “It gives you the tools to start your business. Hopefully, we give businesses the confidence to start.”

Both founders have hard science backgrounds, but their non-technical experience didn’t stop them from building their prototype entirely in photoshop—in one weekend.

They spent two days developing their photoshop skills and designed the interface of the app before launching a month-long global search for an app developer to realize their vision.

“Spend the time to find good quality people,” said Clophus in regards to what the founders have learned since launching last year. “Things take time to reach that goal.”

To date, the team has completely bootstrapped and personally funded the development of the mobile app. They look to take on investments in the future, but only if the right offer comes along.

BidBrowseBook launched in app stores earlier this year– although the platform is currently in an “onboarding” phase only available to users in Georgia.

The founders hope to acquire 5,000 users and 250 professionals by the end of January in hopes of increasing that number to 50,000 come summertime.