Dr. Kari Williams is bringing her expertise to Beyoncé’s newly launched hair care company, Cécred.

According to a TikTok shared by the company, Dr. Williams serves as its director of education. In the clip, she provides insights into the burning question, “How often should you wash your hair?”


So how often should you be washing your hair? We heard you yesterday and we’re back with our Head of Education, Dr. Kari Williams, to deliver some truths on keeping your hair and scalp clean.

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In February 2024, Dr. Williams took to Instagram to confirm the news with the caption, “Introducing the DIRECTOR OF EDUCATION for @cecred. I am in my season. It’s my time.”

Dr. Williams’s expertise encompasses more than 20 years as a natural hair specialist, per an Instagram post.

According to her website, she earned a Ph.D. in trichology, which focuses on the management and treatment of scalp and hair. She owns the Los Angeles-based salon Trichology Clinic, Mahogany Hair Revolution. Her notable clients over the years include singer/songwriter Brandy Norwood, Willow Smith, Ava DuVernay, and Halle Bailey.

Per her website, in 2015, Dr. Williams shook up the hair industry as the “original inventor of the Goddess Locs” technique, which she tested with actress Meagan Good.

Meagan Good desired the faux locs style inspired by actress Lilakoi Moon, also known as Lisa Bonet. However, Dr. Williams could not find any resources that would help her bring the look to life, prompting her to take matters into her own hands, as reported by Latched + Hooked. 

Her website mentions that with a little creativity, she successfully created the look on April 7, 2015. According to her, this marked the debut of faux locs made from human hair, incorporating loose wavy ends. The Goddess Loc Technique is patent-pending, and Williams is educating the haircare community on how to install and maintain the protective style through a four-week intensive course.

“Once I was able to create the look, we, I should say she–Meagan, got such great feedback from the public on the look. I feel that as a professional and as an artist, most importantly as an educator, sharing with other stylists is important,” Dr. Williams told Latched + Hooked.

She continued, “I believe in sharing. I believe in abundance. I believe that there’s enough for everyone. I’m only one person, and the more inquiries I got from people literally around the world, I realized the more important it was to share this gift, the gift that was given to me by God. I wanted to help many other women create the look and celebrate the loc lifestyle, even if it’s temporarily. I felt it was honestly a part of my duty to share that information. I’m all about uplifting the community. I’m all about progression, and I’m all about building a platform that can help other women in this industry be successful and/or create lives for themselves.”