Carmelo Anthony has met his twin with the help of technology.

During Collision, a global tech conference in Toronto, Anthony took the stage to soft launch “Digital Melo” alongside Soul Machines CEO Greg Cross. Their relationship dates back to 2021 when the pair first inked a partnership to develop his autonomously animated digital twin. Soul Machines used Melo’s likeness, personality, and voice coupled with animation to create a personalized encounter that would not be possible in real-time for fans.

Anthony Talks Upbringing, Wine Estate Brand, And Social Change Fund

While on stage, Anthony conversed with “Digital Melo” about his upbringing, newly launched wine estate brand, and social causes that are near and dear to his heart including the Social Change Fund.

As AfroTech previously reported, the fund offers resources and financial support to address prominent concerns within the Black community including public safety and criminal justice reform.

“There’s no me without the social causes that I actually care about. I started the Social Change Fund alongside my two close friends Dwyane Wade and Chris Paul to invest in the next generation and support the organizations that are actually doing the work. For me, I grew up in a similar situation to a lot of these young kids and families so I feel like it is my duty to use my platform for ways to give back and to do what I have to do to always give back,” Anthony told Digital Melo.

Digital Melo responded moments later, “It is important work. I can tell this is a true passion of yours.”

Digital Melo Is A Step Towards Democratizing Digital Experiences

Although the concept will still need some reworking, it is a hopeful step in the right direction as it pertains to democratizing digital experiences.

“We are at the beginning stages but this is the future. I want people to take this journey with us – we don’t know everything. We are learning as the technology grows and changes,” Anthony said, according to Black Enterprise.

“In the future, you can imagine being able to shoot hoops or walk around the basketball stage with Digital Melo,” Cross said, according to Black Enterprise.