It’s always good to see athletes using their platforms to fight for justice and change.

This week, NBA stars Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, and Dwyane Wade launched the Social Change Fund to offer more financial support and resources in the Black community while also addressing issues like public safety and criminal justice reform, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The three athletes have banded together to put their money behind concrete action.

“Our mission is to address social and economic justice issues facing Black communities and break down the discriminatory barriers to success,” Paul said in an Instagram post. “The Social Change Fund will help advance racial equality and opportunity.”

Additionally, the fund is acting on behalf of the Black community in America who has gone unheard and mistreated in response to our demands for justice.

“When all else fails to organize us, conditions will,” Anthony said in a provided statement via theGrio. “We established the Social Change Fund to invest in and support organizations working to champion criminal justice reform, enact policy solutions, and advocate for the human rights of all Black lives now and for generations to come.”

He added: “I stand for everything this Fund and its beneficiaries support and will not stop pushing for progress until we see an end to the systemic racism that the Black community has faced for too long. We will keep on pushing. We will not lose focus.”

All three stars have a strong history of being activists in their communities and have supported social justice issues throughout their careers. Now they’re able to bring their efforts under one banner and increase their impact to make a bolder statement.

“The magnitude of racial inequality is staggering with Black lives socially, politically and economically marginalized,” Wade said according to NBC Sports. “We are committed to supporting organizations that directly represent and benefit the Black community with the Social Change Fund. Our goal is to create a pathway for inclusion and success by deploying the necessary funds and resources to invest in long-term change.”

For more information on the Social Change fund, visit their website.