As AfroTech previously told you, beauty platform Fyyne is placing more Black hair stylists into the spotlight while providing resources and tools to advance their businesses.

Avid users of the platform include Azjani Senior and Valentine who have utilized the beauty platform  — founded by Jeffrey Fasegha alongside Al-Ameen Ogundiran and Olu Olubanjo — to build their respective empires.

“We are creating a world where people can make a living with their skills and everything that we build is to enable that. We engage with all of the artists and all of the customers who use the platform. We’re truly building the first platform for the community,” Fasegha, co-founder and CEO of Fyyne, told AfroTech.

Aj's Doll House

Azjani Senior is the founder of Aj’s Doll House, which she launched at the age of 15 in Durham Region, which is located just east of the City of Toronto, to make people feel confident. Initially, she tapped into her artistry of installing wigs with friends and used Instagram and Snapchat to showcase her work. As others began to stumble across her talent, Senior’s clientele grew and she was diving head first into the world of entrepreneurship.

Starting her journey as a teen presented various stumbling blocks as she feared her age was a deterrent for potential customers. However, the joy from clients confirmed she was on the right path. Senior also believes being transparent throughout her entrepreneurship journey has helped her gain additional support.

“I learned that sharing your stories could be helpful for your business. Customers may not come to you just because they want the product that you have, but also you’ll have people that want to come see you because they relate to you or they believe in your vision. Being able to tell my story pushed my hair business,” Senior told AfroTech.

Now, with a growing consumer interest in not only her craft but her journey, it has become increasingly important for Senior to be intentional with how she handles business operations. Fyyne has been instrumental in stewarding her desire. As one of the earliest artists to work alongside Fyyne’s team, Senior has witnessed the growing evolution of features available to herself and others, such as a wall page and a post feature operating similarly to Pinterest. What’s more, clients who find interest in an image featured on the layout can book the style with a corresponding artist in their area.

“It gives them that opportunity to go and find a style and book it straight from there and that has been so much easier,” Senior said.

Fyyne also allows you to decline bookings, contact clients directly through the app rather than a personal cell line, and provides a more efficient drop-off service.

“By having my drop-off services on there right now, I can tell people what the rules are and I’m able to contact my clients directly through the app. So, it creates more of a system for me compared to what I was using before. I’m thankful,” Senior told AfroTech.

The Valentine Experience

Valentine, a mobile barber based in Rexdale, Toronto, and founder of The Valentine Experience is also reaping similar benefits. Valentine told AfroTech she has witnessed an increase in exposure and her business has more structure thanks to Fyyne’s scheduling features.

As aforementioned, Fyyne has been helpful to secure deposits despite last-minute cancellations from clients. Artists on the beauty platform can set their deposit rate contingent upon the service.

“Before on my own, when it came to cancellations, I was never charging deposits, but now with Fyyne I can accept deposits so it’s not a waste of time if I drive to somebody and they’re not home,” Valentine said.

As Valentine continues to advance her business, she hopes to purchase her studio and open an all-female barbershop in Toronto. Working in a male-dominated space has incentivized her interest in creating a more inclusive industry.

“I used to wear my hair really short and as a woman, going into a barbershop, it just never felt comforting, especially because it is such a male-driven industry when you go into a barbershop. I just want to be inclusive. That’s my biggest goal right now, creating a safe space for everybody. It doesn’t matter the gender, sexuality, or someone’s background. I just want everyone to come and sit in my chair and be comfortable and be themselves,” Valentine said.