When you’re as successful as Marsai Martin has been from an early age, it’s only right to have a team with your best interest at heart surrounding you.

The Power of Supportive Parents

In Martin’s case, that team just so happens to be her parents — whom she credits for her ability to make smart financial decisions.

“As soon as I turned 18, I had a meeting with my accountants and everyone who’s in charge of finances in my family and my world,” she told the Breakfast Club’s Angela Yee and Charlamagne Tha God during a recent appearance on the show. “That’s one of the first things you think about when you turn 18, it’s like, you gotta pay bills now, you gotta figure out houses or where you gotta be.”

Marsai Martin's Rise To The Top

Martin first rose to prominence at the age of 10 during her portrayal of Diane Johnson on the hit ABC sitcom “Blackish.” Now, she has a few businesses under her belt, executive producer film credits, and much more. Still, she says it’s all due to her mother and father who are ensuring that she makes smart choices along the way.

“I think having the parents that I have, they were making sure that I just easily [make wise decisions],” she shared. “Of course, I still live with them, but I do have investment properties kind of everywhere. So, I’m very, very good.”

Adding Additional Streams of Income

In fact, she opened up about her venture into investment properties during a previous 2020 interview with DJ Envy about the impact of side hustles for Yahoo!’s “In The Know.” At the time, she revealed that she had purchased her very first apartment building while asking the Breakfast Club host about using real estate as a passive income.

“I love real estate because you can always get paid and you can use real estate to continue to get money,” said DJ Envy at the time.

Marsai Martin's Net Worth

According to High Income Source, Martin has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million, and her newfound love for investment properties may have something to do with that growing number.

“They’re fun and exciting and you get to flip houses,” she continued. Her co-star in the upcoming film “Fantasy Football,” Kelly Rowland, agreed with the sentiment, noting that even when the investments don’t work out, they’re still a learning experience.




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Rowland added: “When you lose that money, that you were like ‘I did this, for that,’ you’re definitely bummed, but I do think that the earlier you find out about your finances, the better, or more responsible you are on the other side.”