Agreeing to terms can be a daunting task.

Many things can affect what new terms on any deal could mean. From updated family life to continued desire, how a person chooses to navigate their future is never a one-size-fits-all solution.

After declining a contract extension with the Baltimore Ravens, NFL quarterback Lamar Jackson is in this space of figuring out what’s next, according to ESPN.

Earning His Way

The Baltimore Ravens drafted Jackson in 2018 as the 32nd pick. Now, he is entering his fifth year in the league.

His performance prompted talks about a contract extension, and one was offered. Based on the ESPN report, a source told the sports news outlet that the deal was worth over $250 million, with $133 million guaranteed at signing.

But why would Jackson turn down such a lucrative deal?

Not The Terms He's Looking For

In short, it wasn’t what he asked for. Sources told ESPN that Jackson wanted a deal similar to Deshaun Watson, fully guaranteed at signing. However, the Ravens were not down for those terms, ultimately leading to Jackson declining the offer.

Jackson represented himself in the deal with advice from his mother and the NFL Player’s Association. And part of why he asked for guaranteed money was the risk associated with continuing to play without guaranteed money.

The ESPN report shows Jackson has taken over 730 hits since 2018, more than any other quarterback.

Considering The Risks

“It was a pretty big risk last season. The year before,” Jackson said in a press statement. “I’m just playing football. Anything can happen. God forbid the wrong thing happens.”

The former Louisville Cardinal athlete and the Ravens will focus on the season ahead, but Boardroom has hypothesized what this could mean for the two parties, including possible trade options.

Plays Off The Field

Although Jackson’s future with the Ravens beyond this season is unclear, the ambiguity has not stopped him from making moves on the side.

According to trademark attorney Josh Gerben, Jackson has filed a new trademark application for “LAMAR JACKSON ENTERTAINMENT.”

While there are no specific details about the type of entertainment products Jackson’s future company will produce, the application does state his plans include a film and music production studio.