Kawhi Leonard has skills on and off the basketball court. 

According to CNBC, Leonard landed an equity deal with energy drink company X2 Performance, in addition to two seats on its board of directors. 

X2 PERFORMANCE is widely used by pro teams in the NHL, MLB, NBA, and NFL. Their products use a patented combination of scientifically proven clean ingredients to deliver sustained performance through the generation and regeneration of adenosine triphosphate (ATPL), which is a natural molecule the body uses to provide energy.

“I have been approached by many beverage and supplement brands, but I decided to join X2 because it is natural with clean ingredients,” Leonard said in a written statement. “I love the products, and the impact it’s had on my training and performance. I’m really inspiired by our X2 team and the momentum we are building.”

Leonard’s plans include being directly involved in marketing as well as product innovation.

“With more and more consumers looking for natural solutions in the energy and pre-workout categories, we are thrilled to launch our products nationally with Kawhi,” said X2 CEO and board member, Mark French. “What has been the best-kept secret in pro sports is now available for everyone looking for a natural boost.”

Monday during an interview with CNBC, French spoke about Leonard’s involvement with the company.

“He will be the face of the brand,” said French. “There isn’t a more perfect partner for this than Kawhi. He’s perfect for us because he’s serious and not flashy.”

Consumers can purchase X2 ENDURANCE natural energy drinks along with X2 PERFORMANCE (the products, not the company). X2 allows itself to stand out from other energy drinks through its natural ingredients, antioxidants, non-carbonated formula, and electrolytes.