At just eight-years-old, Kautilya Katariya is a certified genius. reports Kautilya scored the highest possible grade on his math portion of the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE). His teachers saw promise in Kautilya early on and allowed him to study with students from grade placements 10, 11, and 12.

Now, his efforts have paid off, earning him a top score of nine (the equivalent to an A) on the GCSE.

What’s more, Kautilya reached this feat eight years earlier than most students.

Kautilya Has A Guinness World Record

The news follows just two years after Kautilya reached yet another milestone. By the age of six, Kautilya had become the world’s youngest qualified computer programmer after earning the Guinness World Record for completing IBM’s AI certification. The feat was accomplished through self-taught studies using free resources online to learn how to program.

“Me and his mother are really proud of him and the amazing work he is doing. It was great to see him feel so accomplished,” his father, Ishwari Katariya, said, according to

“I’m feeling good about my achievements and I’m quite proud. I got interested when my dad gave me a book about programming and I liked it so much I finished it in a day. That was when I was five-and-a-half,” Kautilya said, the outlet also reports.

More Ahead For The Child Genius

Kautilya has far more in store already as he is competing with university and professional programmers in coding. Plus, he is IBM Certified Artificial Intelligence Professional.

“There was only so much we could help Kautilya with because of his advanced level. Peer-to-peer learning will allow them to solve problems together – especially for people like him who haven’t received special coaching or tutoring,’ Ishwari said, according to the outlet.

A Bright Future Ahead

Many are hoping to pick the brains of the child genius.

Reportedly, Kautilya has been invited to attend various talks, summits, and conferences. He even scored an invitation to speak at the World Government Summit this year by the prime minister of the UAE.