Katt Williams is playing by his own rule book.

This has carried over into how he does business in comedy. During an exclusive interview with Shannon Sharpe on his podcast “Club Shay Shay,” Williams revealed he has turned down a reported $200 million in potential earnings.

“I’ve had to turn down $50 million four times,” Williams said on the podcast. “Four times just to protect my integrity.”

Williams could arguably be in the Mount Rushmore of Comedy thanks to specials such as “Katt Williams: The Pimp Chronicles Pt. 1,” which grossed more than $24 million, according to Vibe.

And he wasn’t done with the jaw-dropping revelations during the nearly three-hour sit-down interview. His next came in response to a question about investing $22,000 in his first comedy special, despite only having $25,000 to his name at the time.

For Williams, it was all about taking greater control in business by operating independently.

“I believe that much in business,” Williams explained. “In business, the goal is for you to become independent, be the boss, take the responsibility, and also get the profit.”

He continued, “How can I be looking for you to put me on if I wouldn’t? And if I can’t show you what you missed out on, why would you believe me now? Now, the fact that I was able to do it 12 times, that’s the real thing. The part that I’m able to do it all across the country, the fact that every time I do a tour or a special, you think ‘That’s sponsored by somebody. Somebody did a good job.'”

Williams continues to remain on the money, even after more than 25 years of being in the business. On “Club Shay Shay,” he claimed to be one of “the richest men that ever lived.” While his reported net worth is $5 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, he states that he earned double that for his last deal with Netflix.

“Please don’t look at my net worth. I saw my net worth, I had that on me… My net worth is less than my last Netflix deal,” Williams revealed.

He added, “I’m one of the richest people that ever lived. Only in the fact that when I wake up in the morning, no matter where I am I don’t need nothing. Whatever I need is right around me, and whatever I don’t have, it’s only because I just don’t have it. It’s not because I can’t get it. All I gotta do is want it and it belongs to me.”