A common challenge companies experience is having to navigate a disjointed technological ecosystem, and solving for it can add more difficulty when the tools being used aren’t in sync. That’s why Kinesso built Kanvas, a platform to help developers, brands and marketers craft adtech and martech solutions that complement what they’re already doing. This enables them to connect people with more relevant experiences.

Kanvas allows teams to work within their existing framework with APIs that connect to Kinesso’s award-winning solutions. Here are some real-world examples of how Kanvas is helping companies create meaningful, effective customer experiences.

Turning the Tide

In the spirit of innovation and collaboration, Kinesso launched a beta version of Kanvas in 2020 with select partners The Trade Desk and Acxiom. The developer community was given access to proprietary tools and systems to help gain more understanding around audiences, data and reporting.

The Trade Desk used Kanvas to help campaign managers gain deeper insight into potential audiences. As a result, the company could make more informed decisions and increase efficiency in media buying, helping it gain more customers.

When an Acxiom client faced challenges with the Google Ads API, the bGenius bidder platform on Kanvas enabled automation of the bidding and monitoring of the campaigns in real time.

Transforming the Adtech Industry

In December 2021, Kanvas officially launched with a release featuring nine APIs that connect customers with the advertising and marketing tools used in campaigns. After two years of high-level innovating and then launching Kanvas, the possibilities are endless, according to Graham Wilkinson, Kinesso’s product innovation executive vice president.

“Collaborative relationships across verticals have the potential to be industry-changing. For example, with access to customizable APIs, Ph.D. students in the education sector who work on the bleeding edge of AI can easily apply their research to complex advertising problems in the real world,” says Wilkinson. “Agencies and clients can use push-and-pull API connections to enjoy an automated bidding solution with all validations in place, and R&D teams will be able to test their work directly with brands without needing to wait for product development.”

Kinesso’s latest technology is a game-changer. It provides instant access to audience insights, taxonomies, overlap analysis, search and social dashboard data and bidding performance. The bottom line is that it facilitates seamless experiences that resonate with customers.

The development of Kanvas is a practical example of how a company’s principles can truly guide the everyday work of an organization. Kinesso believes in equipping the experts who are doing the work to take bold, strategic leaps forward, and embrace tech disruptions to put clients first.

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