There’s nothing better than being able to give back to your loved ones.

Kai Cenat has risen as one of today’s most popular streamers. With popularity comes the perks such as being able to buy what you once couldn’t afford. In an interview on “360 With Speedy,” the 21-year-old recalled one of his most memorable purchases: buying his mom a house.

When I bought my mom a house, it was like her house, her cars that she wanted, it was like, ‘Wow,’” Cenat told host Speedy Morman. “Like my mom could call me with anything that she needs, and I’m able to provide it. It’s insane, so I pray every day, and I’m just thankful.”

Purchasing the home is far from Cenat’s only instance of showing love to people who poured into him and his upbringing. As previously shared by AfroTech, he gifted $20,000 in cash to Aunt Cathy, who he met through summer camp as a kid. She continued to  support him and his passions and even bought him his first laptop, which he used to start editing videos.

“You’re like a second mother to me,” he told Aunt Cathy in a YouTube video. “You literally got me everything I wanted that my mom sometimes couldn’t afford from the [Nintendo] DS to the games to me being in Gamestop. It meant a lot.”

He continued, “The amount of things you’ve done for me I can’t even pay it back.”

Cenat’s opportunity to be a blessing to others is great thanks to the platform and community he’s built on Twitch. He broke down to “360 With Speedy” that his subscribers each pay $5 per month. In regard to the revenue split with the live-streaming company, he didn’t go into full detail.

“When it comes to money stuff, I don’t like talking about it,” he said. “But with Twitch it’s like, with a subscriber—with a sub—it’s originally, it’s 50/50. People in the Twitch space have different splits. I’m not gon’ say mine but people have different splits, and that’s how it is. A lot of the other money comes from ad watching and all that other stuff.”