Sometimes things may be better left unsaid.

While promoting his book, “Adversity For Sale: Ya Gotta Believe” in an interview on “The Daily Cannon Morning Show,” Jeezy recalled the aftermath of going public about one of his previous ventures that he once kept private.

The rapper and businessman used to own a high-end steakhouse, American Cut, in Atlanta, GA.

“Probably one of the nicest steakhouses there,” Jeezy told host Nick Cannon. “It had three stories, beautiful. It was like my best-kept secret.”

“I remember when Nas was on tour and he stopped by and he was like ‘Yo, you own this? This is crazy,’” he continued.

However, Jeezy went on to share on the radio about his restaurant, which quickly took a turn.

“I went back there you would have thought it was Freaknik,” he said. “It started going down. You go over there to eat and you start seeing cats you used to hustle with. And I’m like, ‘Oh my God.’ You go up the stairs and they’re trying to smoke weed and I’m like, ‘Man, what we doing?’” 

Outside of previously stepping into the restaurant industry, Jeezy has become well-known in Atlanta for being in real estate.

As previously shared by AfroTech, over the years, he has used his big checks to purchase a lot of property instead of chains, watches, and cars.

At the time of his interview with Cannon, he shared that as an award for finishing his book, he closed on a multi-family building with around 16 to 20 units.

“The one thing I love about real estate is that it feels so much like my old life,” he expressed. “You buying bricks and you getting money.”

He added: “I just feel like I got a knack for it because I can look at something and just understand it. One thing I learned earlier on is that I’m a long-term guy. A lot of people like to buy stuff and flip it but I’d rather buy a building that’s going to appreciate in value but at the same time be a cash-flowing asset.”