What started as a typical Sunday workday for a Nebraska waiter took a big turn for the better thanks to a pop star visiting his restaurant.


KETV reports that Jordan Schaffer surprisingly learned that he was tasked to serve a party of 18 that included Jason Derulo at a local restaurant called Charleston’s. Following what the music artist described as “really awesome” service, he gave Schaffer a $5,000 tip.

“I couldn’t believe it. Like, seeing $5,000 written out on the check was just — it was, like, heart-stopping, you know,” Schaffer said, according to the outlet. “To see it happen to myself is just kind of bewildering.”

Derulo’s surprise visit and generous tip were perfect timing as Schaffer, at the time, was in a bind for cash for college. The token of appreciation helped him pay for a semester.

“Tuition was actually due last week and I hadn’t been able to pay it. So, getting that money just really took a lot of stress out of my life,” he said, according to the outlet.

After receiving his own act of kindness, Schaffer looked out for his team just as they did for him. He told the outlet that he split the $5,000 with one of his co-workers.

“It went as perfect as it could have,” Schaffer said about his team’s support in serving Derulo and his party, KETV reports. “Charleston’s is really into teamwork, so my coworkers really just kind of help me make his experience as perfect as it could’ve been.”

Schaffer initially questioned, “What the heck is Jason Derulo doing in Omaha?” However, it appears that the star was in town for business. The outlet details that Derulo recently bought a stake in a new, upcoming Omaha women’s volleyball team.

As previously reported by AfroTech, Derulo holds a diverse portfolio of investments including Rumble Boxing gyms and LVL XIII. Additionally, he has leveraged his popularity on TikTok as he’s one of the top-followed accounts.