With nearly 3.5 million subscribers on YouTube, and partnerships with beauty brands such as Anastasia Beverly Hills, e.l.f. Cosmetics, Fenty Beauty, and Sephora, Jackie Aina has made quite a name for herself as a Black woman in the beauty industry. And while most women follow her because she’s one of the few Black YouTubers on the platform, many also follow her because she’s guaranteed to speak up for Black women no matter what the consequences.

Immediately following the death of George Floyd, Aina took aim at fast-fashion brands Fashion Nova and Pretty Little Thing, who have been known to capitalize on the Black community, and called them out on their silence.


In response, after talks with Fashion Nova’s CEO, Jackie Aina reveals that the brand has pledged a $1 million donation for community resources and activism, awareness campaigns, and other initiatives to help in the fight for racial equality and opportunity.

Pretty Little Thing also launched a collection with Saweetie in which they will be donating the entire proceeds to Black Lives Matter.


Jackie Aina’s quest doesn’t stop there, however. After a week of various brands pledging their solidarity with African Americans, and posting black squares during #BlackOutTuesday, Jackie is calling on beauty brands to either “pull up or shut up.”

It’s a well-known fact that Black people do not hold many leadership and executive roles in the beauty industry and if brands truly stand with the Black community as they’ve claimed that they do, now is the perfect time to prove it.

Jackie Aina has issued a challenge. The YouTube influencer has given beauty brands 72 hours to release the number of Black employees they have at their corporate and executive levels within their organization. She also urges Black consumers not to purchase until these brands release that information.