Issa Rae’s hair game is always on point, so it’s only right that she is taking her talents into the haircare industry as the co-owner of Sienna Naturals, according to Allure.

Rae joined forces with Sienna Naturals’ CEO and founder Hannah Diop in a move to rebrand the clean hair-care line designed for coily, curly, Afro-textured hair.

“I think hair has always been a part of the conversation for me, and it’s been such a huge part of my identity,” Rae told Allure. “[Even my] debut was a big chop that I did for Awkward Black Girl.”

Naturalistas can get their hands on the updated variety of products from the brand which includes the Salon In A box collection that comes with H.A.P.I. Shampoo, Dew Magic, a leave-in conditioner, Plant Power, and Lock & Seal.  If that isn’t enough, the line has more in store later down the road.

Rae, who calls herself more of a “lazy” natural, says although she always gets questions about her hair, she has never felt qualified enough to speak on it as someone who isn’t a professional. Despite this, in true Issa Rae fashion, she isn’t afraid of a challenge and credit’s familiarity with Diop’s brand and her admiration for the haircare business as inspiration to move forward on this new venture.

“I’d been watching Hannah’s journey for a while, seeing her developing these products. I got interested in the natural, organic side of hair care,” said Rae. “I felt like this was a great opportunity to partner up- not to mention obviously loving what the products did for my own hair.”

For more on her own natural hair journey, along with more information on what’s to come with Sienna Naturals, click here for the full interview.