Everyone is counting down the days to Usher’s highly anticipated performance at Super Bowl LVIII.

Super Bowl LVIII


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In September 2023 it was revealed that Usher would join a prestigious list of performers who had previously hit the global stage, including Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, and most recently Rihanna.

Opportunity Presented By Jay-Z

He learned of the opportunity after receiving a call from Jay-Z. The rapper-turned-billionaire’s company, Roc Nation, forged a partnership with the NFL as its “live music entertainment strategist” and to help the league with “social change,” according to Rolling Stone.

“I’m very fortunate to have gotten that call from Jay-Z that it was time, and of course, I was ready, and I am ready for it,” Usher said during HuffPost’s podcast “I Know That’s Right.” “I can tell you that you should expect a celebration, a celebration of life for those people who are not able to be here with me for this performance. I’m going to be celebrating for them… We’ll be celebrating for the 30 years of a career that I stand on. I’ll be celebrating because music has been this connective tissue between me and people, because for every experience that I’ve had, I put it into music, and maybe that gave us something to cry to, that gave us something to be vulnerable and transparent to.”

Vegas Residency

It’s those sentiments that have led the masses to rush to Las Vegas, NV, in light of Usher’s successful residency, which began in 2021. The performance has attracted Usher’s devoted fanbase and adds to the reasons why he is an ideal choice for the grand stage.


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In fact, he told CNN that every moment of his life has been in preparation for this particular point in time.

“I’m gonna be very happy to be able to play that stage. I’ve worked my entire life to be able to,” he expressed to CNN.

Why Usher Won't Earn A Penny For Performance

As reported by Forbes, artists are not compensated for their performance during the halftime show. Instead, according to NFL spokesperson Joanna Hunter, the league will “cover expenses and production costs.”

Despite not earning a penny from the highly anticipated Super Bowl performance, Usher still has the potential for significant financial gains.

How He Can Still Cash In

In the past, other artists have seen their music streams skyrocket. AOL reports Jennifer Lopez’s Spotify streams increased by 335% and Shakira’s soared by 230% following their performance in 2020.

Additionally Dr. Dre and Mary J Blige, who were a part of the lineup in 2022, also saw greater success in their music sales. The outlet notes Dr. Dre’s album sales increased by 183% and Blige’s album sales increased 999%.

Usher could also take advantage of the grand stage by marketing business ventures similarly to Rihanna, who applied makeup on stage from her cosmetics brand Fenty.

Just by taking a look at the aforementioned artists, it’s apparent that this moment goes beyond showcasing musical brilliance. It is also a calculated move that could have a lasting impact extending well beyond the Super Bowl performance.