Visibility creates opportunity especially for people looking to build a brand. However, opportunity only comes to those who consistently show up for themselves. From putting yourself first and honoring your choices to trusting yourself to figure it out as you go along, you have to show up for yourself before you expect other people to show up for you.

Another major factor at play? Controlling where your mind wanders. Although everyone’s journey is unique, if you’re ambitious and career-driven, you’ll reach a point where fear, judgment, comparison, and feelings of not being good enough may become overwhelming. The key is not to transform your thoughts and feelings into bad habits that hurt your progress.

Sure, at any given moment you can lose everything, but nobody can take your attitude or your effort — unless you allow it. If you’re ready to show up for yourself, here are a few weekly habits to embrace.

Create Before You Consume

When you wake up in the morning, don’t grab your phone and mindlessly scroll through the lives of others on Instagram or Twitter. It can create feelings of “I should be further along.” Plus it’s a productivity killer because the next thing you know you’ve wasted 1-2 hours.

Before you hop on social media to get the latest news or motivational quote, create one thing for yourself. Whether it’s recording an episode for your podcast or writing a pitch to an investor, get focused on the business of taking care of yourself first.

Plan, Pause, and Schedule

Take 30 minutes before your day ends to create your to-do list for the next day. That way, you can hit the ground running the next day. The key here is schedule reminders and blocks of uninterrupted time to get things done.

Adopt Limits For Your Computer and Smartphone

Many of us watch TV while we’re scrolling on Facebook or Instagram or work on a document while we have 3-5 tabs open in Google or our computer. Juggling multiple tasks is not only a distraction, but it also kills your energy as well as your productivity. To get focused and keep your mind from wandering, consider putting your phone in another room for two hours, deleting apps, and blocking access to certain websites for a while.

Develop Your Leadership Voice

Equally important to communicate what you do is adding value to every encounter and meeting you attend. You add value by contributing your insights and experiences and helping others.

    • Share your perspectives about trends, and hot topics in your industry.
    • Stop waiting for people to say how great you are. Show them by sharing your behind the scenes process or a recent win.
    • Speak up at every single meeting you attend. Whether it’s asking a question or making an observation, plan to speak up. If possible, ask for an agenda in advance so you can be prepared.
    • Embrace the “Each one teach one” African proverb. Regardless of your age or level in your career, everyone has something they can teach someone. Look at the first three years of your business, the first five years of your marriage, or even the first year after weight loss surgery. Then think about the person who’s two years behind where you are right now. What can you teach them about your setbacks and lessons learned?

Implement a “Follow-up Friday” Routine

You can’t “level up” in isolation. The right relationships can help amplify your message or the business you’re trying to grow. You have to nurture and add value to your relationships as well. From sending someone an email to check-in, doing a virtual introduction, or scheduling a coffee or happy hour meet-up, make relationship building a habit.

Embrace the Power of a Pause

Whether you need to take a deep breath and pause before responding to someone or take a social media hiatus, guard your emotions and protect your magic. Everyone doesn’t deserve access to your mind or your spirit.

Ask For Quarterly Feedback

You show up as your best self when your daily actions are aligned with the vision you have for your life and career. Sometimes, how we see ourselves is different than how we are perceived. Getting feedback from a trusted source is critical for your level up. Feedback is fuel for growth. Ask your customers for feedback, hire a career coach, or find a mentor.