Jackson State University has just received a generous donation.

According to a press release, attorney Joe N. Tatum donated $50,000 to his alma mater’s college of business. The gesture was to ensure more students can obtain life skills to thrive in the business arena.

Statement From Jackson State University President Thomas K. Hudson:

“We are truly grateful for this generous donation. It is through alumni like Joe Tatum we have an opportunity to reflect on the fruits of our labor as an institution. This is the epitome of what we do: build up industry leaders who then pour back into our community as a way to say thank you. We will continue to strengthen our alumni outreach base and look forward to utilizing this financial resource to enhance the academic experience for our College of Business students.”

How The HBCU Changed Tatum's Life

As a graduate of Jackson State University with a bachelor’s degree in accounting, Tatum credits the school for fostering his growth. This has helped Tatum build quite a career spanning 25 years including working at a top accounting firm.

“My experience at Jackson State literally set the course for how things have played out for me. It was at Jackson State that I learned how to engage with people, how to dress and how to conduct business,” said Tatum in a statement.

Supporting HBCU's

Attending the Historically Black College and University (HBCU) has heavily influenced the course of Tatum’s life and he hopes to see a shift from alumni to uplift its students and the institution.

“If I can give and encourage others to, then I believe we can grow, I believe we can expand our capacity even further, and continue to drive our mission. People will come, and people will go, but our institution will always be here,” Tatum said, according to a press release.