Gwenna Hunter is on a mission to help provide Southern Californians from all backgrounds with access to healthy food.

Hunter is behind The Vegans of Los Angeles Food Bank, the first vegan food bank in Los Angeles, CA — which also makes her the first Black woman to create one in the city — according to a press release. She is an avid believer in the human right to wholesome food that excludes animals. 

The vegan food bank shared on its website that it is: “Where local volunteers and donors come together to bring life to a fantastic vegan project! We spread awareness of our cause and what we do in our blog with vegan podcasts, vegan news, and events.”

It continued, “We want to create a solid and united community of vegans to come and satisfy their needs. We have a humanitarian and empathetic approach to everyone who comes.”

The Vegans of Los Angeles Food Bank was created to not only decrease food insecurity but also to provide hope, light, and dignity for the community, according to the press release. With Hope on Union as its partner, the food bank collaborates with donors including the likes of All Vegetarian Inc., Califia Farms, Chobani, Omni Foods, and Just Eggs to support people in filling their bags with free plant-based groceries monthly.

“When I started this a year ago, I knew I wanted to give people what their bodies need: healthy food on a continuous basis minus our planet’s animals,” Hunter shared in a statement. “Between the physical food bank and a vegan food outreach program we sponsor at the historic West Presbyterian church in LA, we serve over 600 people in a single day within a 3-hour period once per month. The need and desire for plant-based nutrition is tremendous!”

While The Vegans of Los Angeles Food Bank is bringing free, plant-based food to Southern California, it hopes for more cities and food resource centers to follow suit. In addition, the food bank aims to be part of building a more sustainable future.